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Badgers & Bumblebees Y1

Welcome to Year 1!

We are looking forward to an exciting year where the children will explore some interesting topics as well as develop their understanding and knowledge in literacy and numeracy.  We will be sharing photos of all the wonderful things we do in and out of school on our school blog and in News and Events.

Our homework is linked through Google Classroom. In order to access the link, please click the button below. Your child’s log in details can be found inside their Reading Log.

Spellings are taught in class and then sent out weekly to learn at home. Regular practise, recognising letter patterns and understanding the word meanings are all key to learning and becoming improved spellers.

Year 1 Plan Spelling Pack  

In Year 1, we learn the ‘Phase 5’ phonics stage. Here, we start introducing alternative spellings for sounds, like ‘igh’. Children master these in reading and begin to see them using them correctly in spelling.

Children learn new graphemes (different ways of spelling each sound) and alternative pronunciations for these: for example, learning that the grapheme ‘ow’ makes a different sound in ‘snow’ and ‘cow’.

They should become quicker at blending, and start to do it silently.

They learn about split digraphs such as the a-e in ‘name.’

They’ll start to choose the right graphemes when spelling, and will learn more tricky words, including ‘people,’ ‘water’ and ‘friend’. They also learn one new phoneme: /zh/, as in ‘treasure.’

At the end of Year 1, all children are given a Phonics Screening Check to ensure they have mastered the appropriate knowledge. Please ask your child’s class teacher if you need further information.

By the end of Year 1, children should be able to:

  • Say the sound for any grapheme they are shown
  • Write the common graphemes for any given sound (e.g. ‘e,’ ‘ee,’ ‘ie,’ ‘ea’)
  • Use their phonics knowledge to read and spell unfamiliar words of up to three syllables
  • Read all of the 100 high frequency words, and be able to spell most of them
  • Form letters correctly

The table below shows what book level your child should be reading at the end of each term

We have an exciting curriculum that is designed to inspire and enthuse our children. Take a look at our curriculum leaflets to see all the wonderful things we will learn each term!

Year 1 Autumn Curriculum Leaflet

Year 1 Spring Curriculum Leaflet

Year 1 Summer Curriculum Leaflet

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